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Let us take an in-depth look at your current website in addition to competition and Google keyword search volumes to help you identify any missed opportunities.

We Optimize

Our services are aimed at not only attracting highly targeted traffic, but also to ensure that those visitors convert into business for you.

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We are very successful at achieving profitable results for our clients, which is why customers choose to stay with us long term. Call us on 1-800-506-2330 to see what we can do for you.

Full Service Internet Marketing

Do you currently enjoy top positions within search engines for your relevant key terms? There is no better visitor than a highly targeted visitor who has searched for your specific key term, which is why dominating all of the main search engines needs to be your priority.

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services (getting your site into the top free organic listings within Google, Bing etc)

The Internet provides businesses with an unrivaled opportunity. Irrespective of whether someone is searching for products or some kind of services, the fact remains that many now utilize the Internet to find a relevant product or service. This is why it is imperative for any online presence to be in the top positions of all the major search engines. By doing so, the website becomes an integral business development tool, providing leads and sales, which inherently increases turnover.

This is where we excel. Approximately 70% of traffic from search engines is provided by the free organic listings or natural search engine results. We provide SEO services such as copywriting as well as ethical link building which will move your website to the top of major search engines. Why not call us on — to find out how we can help your website with organic SEO packages.

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2. PPC

PPC Services (Pay-Per-Click)

(A fast way of getting onto the first page of Google and Yahoo by virtue of sponsored listings)

If you’re looking for really fast results then sponsored listings offers a solution providing the means to get first page of Google results within days. We can provide you with a range of services related to PPC including full service set up and management which will endeavor to provide relevant targeted traffic to your site quickly. Our range of PPC services include a variety of options including key phrase research, set up and maintenance as well as conversion tracking, scheduling and the benefits of detailed monthly reports as well as on going phone support.

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3. Link building

Link building

(Improve search engine rankings and generate targeted traffic through ethical strategies)

The fact is that internal or on page SEO is not enough, by virtue of the fact that if your competitors are optimized but have a better link popularity then they will certainly outrank you in the search results. Link popularity relates to not only the quantity of inbound links but also the quality in addition to the anchor text used within the links. Our services include a number of link building services which will ethically build in bound links and which will improve your search engine ranking to help you get to the top of the search engines.

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4. Local SEO

Local SEO

(Services dedicated to ensuring local market domination as well as appearing within Google’s local map listings)

Our new local SEO division offer a range of cost effective local SEO marketing based services. It is a fact that it is easier to achieve high rankings for localized types of keywords such as terms that contain place names and the type of business than a generic term such as restaurant. For this reason small businesses that operate in a local area can benefit from local SEO services that include local keyword research and relevant optimization in addition to link building. PPC setup and listings within Google’s local map also offer a range of benefits. We offer local SEO and local internet marketing services on a month to month plan.

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5. Reputation

Online Reputation Management

(The management of your online reputation to eradicate the problems associated with negative comments)

If potential clients search for your particular company name, and find negative comments there is no doubt that this can have serious repercussions. Irrespective of whether you have numerous happy and satisfied clients, it only takes one individual to post a negative comment for it to cause serious problems for your business. Millions of dollars of revenue have been lost because of negative comments displayed in the search engines. This is why our reputation management service is popular, it provides an effective way to remove or simply push these types of comments down to pages that are unlikely to be seen, whilst pushing up the positive reviews.

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6. Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for many, with the advent of sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing incorporates two vital elements of SEO which are content and links, with elements such as high ranking profiles available through popular social media websites.

The importance of a social media presence cannot be underestimated by virtue of the fact that it is such a popular medium with sites such as Facebook having over 900 million users and Twitter with over 555 million. Social media offers a level of interactivity that is unrivaled with the ability to promote customer interactivity and engage with existing and potential clients. The key to success with social media is to decide on a strategy initially and build social profiles.

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7. Mobile

Mobile Optimization

There is no doubt that our mobile devices have become important elements of daily life with research showing that most people keep their mobile phone within two feet whilst others admit to sleeping side by side to their handsets. This simple fact means that mobile web offers an outstanding opportunity to reach potential customers at anytime of the day or night and almost everywhere. By not embracing the opportunity of utilizing mobile web, as a business you are missing the possibility to maximize your reach.

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8. Web Design

Website Design & Development

There is no doubt that initial impressions are important, none more so than on the net. As most would agree, visitors to your website can be fickle, which means that if your website is not up to scratch then most will leave and an opportunity is lost. For this reason, your website needs to convey the right sort of professional image to ensure visitors stay.

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Consistency and Growth

Our SEO services have achieved and maintained stellar organic web rankings in all industry types. Our customers see an average of 500% increase in web site traffic in the first year alone. These impressive results are obtained by ethical link building campaigns, press releases, original copy writing and social media. By concentrating on both on and off page optimization, maximum targeted exposure is obtained. The payoff is high quality, high impact web sites with much improved conversion rates. This makes SEOM Company the number one choice in web solutions for your long term business strategy.

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