4 Lead Boosting Essentials for Local Businesses Online

Here’s 4 awesome tools and ideas you can use right now to start generating more leads and sales for your business online.

Google’s Website Optimizer – Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate for Free

Is a 100% free optimization tool that can help your website achieve higher conversion rates through testing different content and elements on your site. Here’s a few tips before you get started using this tool:

  1. Segment your visitors according to where they come from. Traffic you get organically from google will be different from the traffic you get from your paid or social media campaigns. Make sure you’re not mixing up your apples and oranges when looking at your data.
  2. Make sure your funnel is set up properly! Before starting any tests you’ll need to figure out what pages are creating the biggest problem for your site. This can be accurately determined by setting up a visitor funnel or two. Funnels will tell you what your traffic is doing on your site, and most importantly they will tell you what pages of your site they’re leaving from. This is the best place to start testing.
  3. Don’t just test anything for the sake of testing. Have a goal with your testing and know precisely what you’re trying to accomplish. More leads? More sales? Fixing a problem page that’s leaking visitors? Too often marketer’s will just set up a test for something random because they’ve heard through the grapevine that they need to test. This is the wrong thinking.

Don’t forget to set up your funnel first, so you can see what problem pages you should focus your testing efforts on.

Phone Call Tracking for SEO – Worth the Potential Downside?

It can sometimes be difficult for a local business that depends on inbound calls to track the ROI of their efforts online.

There are two camps when it comes to phone call tracking:

  1. Camp 1 says that it will hurt your local search rankings because it will make your businesses name, address, and phone number inconsistent and will therefore reduce your “trust” ranking in Google’s eyes (local search factors in consistency of your NAP placement..if you use multiple or different phone numbers some say it could harm you).
  2. While Camp 2 says its more important to track your results and tests have shown that using multiple phone tracking numbers actually has little negative affect on your local search rankings, which can be overcome by continued citation building (And we’re pros at that!).

Whichever idea you subscribe to, make sure you give call tracking a sound consideration. There’s a few decent companies to look at in this space, including IfByPhone that will work with the little guy, has decent pricing, and can integrate with Google Analytics.

Call tracking at work within Google.

GetListed – A Free Tool That Points You to Super-Powerful Free Links and Business Listings

Just 2 days ago SEOmoz announced their acquisition of the local search tool GetListed for a whopping 3 million bucks. If you haven’t checked out the free tool over @ GetListed, mosey on over there because you’re really missing out! Fill in your businesses name and zip code and you’ll be presented with a list of the largest business directories you’re currently listed under, and where it’s not.

Most of these will require some form of activation, either by mail or phone usually, so it doesn’t hurt to just have these done yourself if you get a chance to. It’s as easy as filling in your businesses address, website, name, phone number, then validating the listing.

What you get in return is a link and listing on some of the most powerful business directories on the web. Highly recommended!

GetListed gives you a quick overview of where you stand with the major business directories.

Don’t Lose Business Because You Haven’t Set Up an Autoresponder

If your business is geared toward capturing leads online (contractors, real estate agents, etc…) then make sure you have an automated “touch” marketing campaign set up for your incoming leads.

Industry standard says you should have at least 1 years worth of e-mails/post cards/direct mail set up to let your prospect/customer know that you’re still around and in business and can help them out with their problem (whatever it may be).

Indifference is a huge killer of business! 68% of customers are lost because of “perceived indifference”…compare that to the smaller 9% because of competitive reasons and it’s huge.

Regular communication is the best way to show customers that you value their business. An autoresponder can do just that!

I’ve tried the majority of the most common autoresponder solutions online and ultimately have had the best experience with using SendPepper and Mailchimp for a pure e-mail autoresponder and OfficeAutoPilot for something a little more feature intensive (and also integrates automatic mailing of customized post-cards – neat, eh?).

OfficeAutoPilot is a great feature intensive autoresponder solution but comes at a higher price point than others like the lower-cost Mailchimp.