Directors, Management & Operations

Doris Primicerio, President

Business Strategist & Acquisitions

Doris Primicerio – President/Founder SEOM Company is not new in business. She has built the largest Telephone Answering Service in Central Florida, top 10% in the USA, and then took it global.

Her commitment has always been customer service. Doris brings that same commitment to SEOM Company. She says, “I want to help businesses find new customers and telephone books are gone.

There are only three ways to find new customers (1) referrals (2) Networking and (3) getting the customers website to the top of the search engines which is the one we can help our customers achieve”. Doris has already been through the difficult transition of yellow pages to Internet. Directories, some formally known as yellow pages, are very difficult to use for searches yet companies pay big bucks and their phones are not ringing with new business. SEOM Company is dedicated to getting our customers to the top of the search engines so they can be found by people looking for their goods or services.

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John Williams, Vice President

Vice President, Senior Webmaster, SEO Specialist

Vice president and Co-Founder. John is behind the client-oriented strategies and cutting-edge technologies that SEOM company has become known for.

An entrepreneur at heart in the 90′s, John founded several start-up ventures to pay the way through college. While double majoring in Web Development, and Information Technology he found his niche in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). John realized SEO was the most important part out of 3 parts to a successful online presence. The 3 parts to success on the internet is Traffic, Useability, and Trust.

John remains notoriously hands on, demonstrated today through the fact that he continues to play an active role in all of SEOM’s major client initiatives. While other SEO company executives want to manage employees and talk internal strategy, John has continued to stay in the trenches, teaching employees through hands-on success with our client projects.

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Edward Hochard, National Sales Director

National Sales Director

Ed Hochard – National Sales Director SEOM Company is no stranger to sales management, after an 8yr career in the engineering field Ed believed his true calling was in sales management. In 1987 he decided it was time to enter the entrepreneurial field. He then became Independent Contractor for the next 25 years in the Financial Services Industry training well over a thousand representative’s and managing over 30 Million in assets.

After a 2yr sabbatical Ed is excited about building the top sales team with Seom Company in the SEO industry World wide. “I believe we have a tremendous and proven business leader in Doris Primicerio and second to none webmaster in John Williams”, with that said this company will be positioned to dominate the SEO Industry.

The quality and honesty of our Webmaster work could not be any better. This gives our clients the best product available in the SEO Universe, and of course allows our Sales team the best opportunity globally.

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Melissa Primicerio, Customer Relations Manager

Customer Relations, SEO Sales Consultant

Melissa has always been a motivated person with a gift for the gab. Her outgoing personality and caring nature have made her a perfect fit at SEOM.

Starting out on the ground level and working her way up, Melissa prides herself with her direct connection with clients. Melissa’s motto: “Being a good representative of SEOM means being an excellent communicator.” With 15 years experience and degrees in both marketing and management, her people skills really shine. Proof that hard work and determination have served her well, Melissa is currently head of our sales department and oversees all sales team members.

Melissa says her #1 priority at SEOM is ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. And with a stellar customer retention rate, she is obviously on the right track.

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