There is no doubt that email marketing works. The internet resource Econsultancy conducted a survey at the beginning of 2011, which revealed that 72% of people reported that their return on investment was classed as good to excellent. This means that only SEO is classed as better as a marketing channel. The Direct Marketing Association also predicted that for every dollar spent on email marketing, a return on investment could be expected of $42.08 in 2010, whilst search advertising returned $21.85 for every dollar spent in 2009. This clearly indicates that email marketing is an essential element of any businesses marketing strategy, as it allows for precise targeting in addition to an unrivaled means of building client loyalty, trust and relationships.

We can help you with your email marketing campaign whether this involves sending surveys, advertising company products or services or purely a newsletter. We will help to structure a strategy that will effectively promote your company with a holistic approach to email marketing to ensure a successful outcome.

The email advertising service incorporates the following:

Template design

– Design of email template

Utilizing our experience and expertise, we can design a user friendly and effective email template for your campaign.

– Design of the landing page

We are able to provide consultancy and design guidance within specific areas, including coding and programming of forms for your landing pages.

Development of email

– (X)HTML coding

We will provide you with a coded email template that is standards compliant (X)Html which will be effective within all major email clients.
– Email signup form help

As part of the list growth strategies, we will provide an email sign up form, sign up webpage as well as Facebook sign up if desired or required.

– Setup and integration

As part of our service we will endeavor to set up an email marketing account, whilst importing your relevant email list and then implement the designed compliant email template into a third party email marketing package.

Campaign Production

– Professional email copy-writing service

We can provide you with a professionally written email, which can be tailored to suit your own topical requirements. We will create relevant content that will efficiently engage your target audience.

Production and Mailing

We can produce and email your campaign, utilizing either your own content or the copy-written material we have provided for you. As part of the service we provide. we will ensure the most optimum layout is utilized as well as incorporating special coding to enable tracking of each link, whilst also providing a text only version for those who have limited email capabilities.

Auto-responder Setup

We will incorporate a customized auto-responder email which will be utilized for successful signups.

Analysis of the Campaign


We will also provide you with a comprehensive report which will include information such as the number of messages sent, how many were delivered successfully, how many were opened and how many bounced, in addition to clicks, forwards and those who unsubscribed as well as much more.

Optimization of the email campaign

Email audit

If you have a current email campaign, but are unsure as to its effectiveness, we are able to provide you with an audit which is conducted by our trained experts. We will review over 120 factors and discuss with you on ways to improve your existing email campaign. This service includes a comprehensive report which incorporates specific prioritized recommendations to improve your campaign based on the following metrics, design and layout of the email, coding of the template, strategy analysis, campaign metrics as well as relevant compliance with SPAM laws.

List cleaning

For optimum effectiveness, it is imperative to keep your list clean, which ensures the most productive results and accuracy of metrics. We will endeavor to keep your list of contacts up to date and clean, and remove those which are deemed to be unmonitored or bogus as well as coming from invalid domains, or who simply do not interact with the communications sent.

Email A/B split testing

Testing is an important element of any campaign and something that few actually do. We will, prior to sending out your email campaign to your entire list, actually test two differing newsletter implementations utilizing small user groups that will enable us to establish the most effective style for your particular user base. We can test the following within each of the individual tests, from names, layout as well as subject lines and the particular design (might incur an additional redesign template fee).

If you are using or are looking to use email marketing as an integral element of your internet marketing campaign. call us to see how we can help.