Q. Who are the Major Search Engines?
A. As is well documented, Google holds the top spot with over one trillion pages within their index and growing. Studies have shown that Google alone provides over one billion search results daily, which is why our search engine optimization and search engine marketing services are aimed at achieving top positions within Google as well as other search engines.

It should also be noted that both Google and Yahoo provide sponsored as well as natural listings and providing their results to other resources such as Ask.com and Lycos.

Q. Why is search engine marketing so important?
A. There is no doubt that our search engine positioning service has the ability to generate a huge amount of highly targeted traffic. In fact many of our clients say that by utilizing our services they have seen the best ROI of any of their conventional forms of marketing and advertising. The enhancements in technology which now offers high speed internet access has increased this even further, with recent figures showing that in the us alone there are over 200 million internet users and over 1 billion around the world.

“One of the key benefits of search engine generated leads is pre-qualification, which has been proven to be higher than leads generated from traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail and trade shows. The main difference is the fact, that unlike conventional blanket style marketing which is not usually targeted, search engine traffic is highly targeted due to the fact that by utilizing specific keywords visitors should find your website as long as you are found at the top of Google, which is why it has to be a priority for your business.”

Q. What part of the page do people click the most?
A. By utilizing highly sensitive and accurate eye tracking software, it has been proven as indicated by the chart on the right (eye tracking image) where search engine users visually view the page of results. Often termed the “Google triangle” these results show that it is extremely important to rank at the top of the page rather than at the bottom as well as the fact the non sponsored organic traffic rankings that are listed on the left hand side receive far more traffic than the sponsored PPC listings.

If done correctly, sponsored listings can be profitable, however improvements on your organic natural listings will no doubt in the long run provide a much better return on investment. If your site does not display on the top of the results for your relevant keywords, in simple terms your competition is reaping the rewards.

In terms of your budget, allocating a portion of your marketing budget makes sense for those who are already looking for your website. As a search engine positioning company, we are able to provide services that will significantly enhance your presence online and within search engines as well as increase sales.

Q. How do we get to the top of the search engine results?
A. Our services cover two distinct areas which are; Sponsored listings, our PPC management service covers this area and organic natural listings, for which are search engine advertising and link building services cater for that particular requirement.