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We offer cost effective local SEO as well as other forms of small business internet marketing services aimed at promoting your business to the local market.

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Who Is Local SEO For?

Did you know around 80% of the 3 billion Google searches per day is for a local product or service? When the people in your city search for your business locally, are you found? Is everything that they find when they search for your company positive? These are the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask yourself when you’re ready to get involved with local SEO.

Get Found
If you’re looking to target people in your local area, we can give you a wide range of small business marketing services which will help you dominate the search results. Everything from sponsored links, local business listings, as well as the free organic listings.

When you’re looking to rank your business and get found online, we tackle every channel that your customers are using to find your business today.

Get Competitive
The online marketplace can get pretty competitive, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. You can think of us like a secret weapon in your local market domination. We know the ins and outs of putting local businesses head and shoulders above their competition. When someone searches for the type of product or service you offer, we’re going to make sure they find you instead of waiting for them to find your competition.

Get More Business
The nice thing about local online marketing is that it reaches customers you may not have reached before. Have you been neglecting your businesses internet presence? We’ll help you tap this channel so you can get more business with a demographic you might not be reaching.

Of course, you want a return on your investment, right? There’s no sense marketing your business online if all its doing is draining money from your bank account. Small business marketing is all about obtaining value for money in every way possible.

Getting a good ROI for your online marketing efforts isn’t a cut and dry process, but we’re here to help you achieve that important goal.We can help you and your website attract the right sort of highly targeted leads and generate profit from these leads. Our Atlantic SEO division are specialists in obtaining local targeted traffic, irrespective of whether you are a gardener in Florida, interior designer in Tampa, or a national company with local branches across the US.

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