The development of mobile SEO

As most would recognize the growth in mobile web use has grown exponentially; in fact by the end of 2012 there are expected to be over 975 million mobile web users. This provides an exceptional opportunity due to mobile web being the fastest growing platform and is expected to continue to be for at least the next five years.

There is no doubt that our mobile devices have become important elements of daily life, with research showing that most people keep their mobile phone within two feet whilst others admit to sleeping side by side to their handsets. This simple fact means that mobile web offers an outstanding opportunity to reach potential customers at any time of the day or night and almost everywhere. By not embracing the opportunity of utilizing mobile web, as a business you are missing the possibility to maximize your reach.

Mobile design and development

As you may well already be aware, if you use a smart phone to go online, if you go to our website, you will notice that it brings up a cleaner and easier to read version of the site which is our mobile version. This is what we can provide for your website.

A mobile optimized website is essential due to the fact that mobile devices are different in terms of small screen sizes, difficult inputs via small keyboards and extended download times which means we have to take these factors into account.

When building a mobile orientated website, we also have to take into account that mobile web is exceptionally task orientated, which means that we have to prioritize and simplify navigation and relevant content to deliver the content in the right order, to ensure maximum effectiveness to the end user. The end user experience is everything with mobile web which is we may well test various options to ensure the best results.

The key is to design a mobile site so that users can access the content simply and quickly, whilst taking into account the fact that many of the users may well not have a smart phone and therefore will utilize a small keypad. For those who have newer devices, touchscreen options will be most relevant. Therefore the aim is to ensure the same level of experience whether utilizing an iPhone, Nokia or Sony handset.

Mobile SEO

In reality, the problem is that mobile browsing can be difficult.

The fact is that mobile web users are limited in many ways and therefore simply want to find the relevant information as quickly as possible, which is why search engines play such a vital role within the mobile marketplace. That means mobile SEO is an integral element of utmost importance.

Although it is important your site shows in mobile search results, offering an optimized mobile viewing experience is just as important. Mobile users desire fast and effective access to content as well as insisting that its provided within a quick and lightweight format which is well organized and simple to read and navigate.

We can work with you to provide you with an efficient mobile friendly site, which offers an unrivaled user experience that will increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

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Mobile Stats

  • 90% of men, women and children own a mobile phone (Simmons’ National Consumer Study, 2010).
  • It is expected that within the next 5 years, more people will utilize mobile devices to connect to the internet rather than a PC (Morgan Stanley).
  • Between January and March 2010, over 54.3 million smartphones were sold out of a total of 314.7 million handsets sold (Gartner Research).
  • The current world population stands at over 6.9 million, with over 5 million mobile subscribers in 2010 (ITU, Feb 2010).

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