Within the search engine results, on the top of the page as well as the right hand side are sponsored listings, which whether loved or loathed work. They offer a simple yet effective means of obtaining highly targeted shoppers very quickly by virtue of ads that are placed using specific search terms that you would like to be found for. The key benefit of sponsored listings is that you only pay when someone clicks on your listing or ad. Studies have shown that the majority of clicks on a search engine are usually within the upper left hand corner of results therefore top placement within this particular area has the potential to generate huge levels of traffic. We are able to provide full search engine positioning packages relating to set up, ongoing management as well as conversions and reporting with both Yahoo and Google’s respective pay per click services.

Qualified and experienced

Our staff manages ppc campaigns in excess of a million dollars per year in click through fees and as a company has met the requirements to be an Adwords Qualified Company as well as a Yahoo search marketing ambassador.

Pay-Per-Click management

We are able to provide key phrase research as well as account set up, in addition to conversion tracking combined with detailed monthly reports. In terms of click through fees, these can vary from $0.10 to more than $5.00 per click. We should also point out that we are able to provide organic search engine optimization services to achieve top rankings within the non sponsored section of the search results that inherently provides a better long term investment. However to ensure quick results and maximum exposure we recommend utilizing both services.

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Do you guarantee search engine positioning?

Although in essence sponsored listings can be viewed as guaranteed search engine positioning, the fact remains that search engines will rotate paid listings dependent upon elements such as bid cost, click through rates and the quality of your own landing pages. For non sponsored listing review the available options on offer through our search engine optimization services.

Our services also include search engine placement within organic listings for improved rankings as well as PPC management services which include key phrase research as well as bidding suggestions, budget spending limit control in addition to monthly reports and conversions tracking to name but a few.

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