The Internet provides businesses with an unrivaled opportunity. Irrespective of whether someone is searching for products or some kind of services, the fact remains that many now utilize the Internet to find a relevant product or service. This is why it is imperative for any online presence to be in the top positions of all the major search engines. By doing so, the website becomes an integral business development tool, providing leads and sales, which inherently increases turnover.

Which is better natural or sponsored listings?

Within the search engine results, numerous studies have proven the fact that more than 70% of search engine users prefer utilizing the natural results which are in the main left portion of the page. (Sponsored listings are usually found on the right). This is why our aim is to ensure our clients websites are positioned at the top of the natural rankings.

To find out the number of people who are searching for products and services from a company such as yours on a monthly basis, we can provide you with free keyword research, in addition to competitive analysis and personal recommendations on what to do, to obtain the relevant highly specific and targeted traffic.

What costs are involved?

In relation to search engine optimization services there are two particular facets that need to be considered.

  1. The internal or on page process of making your website more search engine friendly. This involves reviewing how many search terms or keywords you would like to target and the amount of search engine optimization copy-writing that is required.
  2. The external or off page process which incorporates link building. This crucial element of the process relates to the number of incoming links required to compete and outrank current competition. This particular element varies depending upon the types of keywords desired, for instance the term “mobile phones” would require far more links than an obscure terms such as “Hammond organ recitals”, due to the inherent opposition for that particular keyword. Although the on page elements may be similar, in terms of pricing, the external or off page elements would be reflected in the difficulty of obtaining top page position.

The importance of links cannot be underestimated, as stipulated by Google themselves who have provided information within their numerous resources, which confirms the importance of links as indicated in the quote below:

“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”


Do we offer any form of guaranteed SEO services?

Our guarantee to you is that we will provide the professional SEO solutions that are outlined within the relevant service agreement, which is backed up by award winning results, many years of experience and a justifiably earned reputation that is second to none. We guarantee: OUR EXPERTISE.

The services we offer include: Comprehensive key phrase research, Specific On-page optimization amendments, Search engine optimization copy-writing, Relevant title tag adjustments, Internal linking development, Site Navigational/Architectural improvements, In addition we can provide a competitive inbound link analysis as well as a selection of link building services that include directory submission, which are proven to generate direct click through traffic as well as inbound links. We are also able to supply professional article and press release writing and submissions. As part of our service we can deliver monthly online reports that monitor rankings and analyze search terms as well as track inbound links within the major search engines. After your initial term we offer no obligation renewal plans to monitor as well as maintain the new rankings.

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